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Brenden Kolterjahn

My name is Brenden Kolterjahn and I feel that it is only right that I tell my side of my story and experience of my "times" at Recovery Connections Community. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and I began using drugs at a young age. At that time myself and my parents didn't know what to do. It was something none of us had ever dealt with. So like any normal family, we tried it all: detoxes, private paid rehabs and state-funded rehabs. Literally my family tried everything, but it didn't matter. I wasn't done or close to ready to stop. So I joined the Marines and stayed clean from time to time, but when I was finally out of the military, I found myself down in North Carolina doing the same thing I did before I joined. I was off and running, breaking the law, breaking my family's heart and killing myself with heroin. Finally, I got caught and the court sent me off to Asheville to meet Jennifer Warren, a woman who would forever change my life and put an imprint on me that I have never forgot and will always remember. I've been to Jennifer's program, Recovery Connections Community three times and though I am not a graduate, the doors have always been open to me. The phone always answered in times of need and literally to this day, Jennifer and Phillip are the main reason I have what I have in my life. I have been clean for just shy of four years now, I have two beautiful sons and life by the horns. These things were not easy for me to obtain. I struggled for years bouncing in and out of addiction. But when I finally met my match was when I got to RCC and was told that if I want the life of sobriety that they have that I'm gonna have to work hard and put the past where it belongs, which is in the past. I'm going to have to do whatever it takes to stay clean and sober, which is something that you cannot put a price on . You cannot put a number of working hours on. It is something that has to come from within, something that you must obtain and cherish and nurture. I was pig headed the first time. I didn't want to listen, I broke all the rules and did what I waned, which is what I did in life and that is what caused me to always end up falling off and using drugs. So I left on my own and faced the consequences, but never forgot what I learned during my time at RCC. Whether I was working ten hours a day, or listening to Jennifer try and try to help guide me with her endless love and knowledge for the rehabilitation of us addicts. When I left, I never forgot. But I still wasn't done. I didn't want it, so I continued my journey of endless destruction of my life and I ended up once again broken, in and out of prison and in need of serious help and a serious change. So I went back to RCC and I did everything I thought I needed to and once again left on my own. Now it's been about six years since I've left. I didn't graduate and no, I didn't stay clean when I left. I had a few more falls and actually had to go to a few more detoxes and programs, but now I have been clean for about four years. The point of me writing this is that I just want everyone to understand that I never forgot what I learned rom my time at RCC and I still use it today in my everyday life. There is so much more that I could write about all the things Jennifer's program has done for me and my family, but that would take me days. Recently, there have been accusations and words trying to hurt this program from others who may have graduated, or may have not. I don't know, nor does that matter. What does matter is that those people in their hearts know what they're doing is false and wrong and they also know that even after hurting a woman that has only helped them that if they day comes to where they find themselves down and out with no money, no family, no nothing, just warrants form the law and broken hearted loved ones wondering if they're alive, they know that they can call RCC any time of day or night and that even after all the false bravado that Jennifer will take them in no questions asked, give them a place to live, a place to start over, a community to live in and once again try to find that clean and sober life that we all strive for. Well I've said what I wanted and I hope this gives those who question how things happen at RCC a glimpse of what it really takes to help people like me. Nobody really knows what it takes to help an addict, but the best person to do so is someone who has been there themselves. Someone who has dealt with the shame and hurt and powerlessness that all of us addicts have felt. Jennifer and Phillip Warren give their lives to this program and make sacrifices that normal people could never fathom and they do so with a smile and trust me they do it for all the right reasons. And because of that I owe them for everything that I have in this life and am forever grateful.

Patrick Ohmes

When I first came to RCC, I was done for. I had NO prospects past a very early grave. Through the various services available, a lot of rigorous honesty and tough love from the staff, I emerged changed forever. I no longer live to satisfy addiction's calling. Now I love the life I live as a free human being. Thank you, RCC for providing me with the tools to more than just hang on to the bitter end.

Noah Lang

Recovery Connections Community gave me the life I have today. Even though I did not graduate from RCC as I intended, I learned everything I needed to be the person I am today. In about a month, I leave for the Navy which has been my goal for a long long time, and this program made it possible. I learned to be a man and do things for myself. I came in the program at 19 years old, and didn’t have any clue about being a man. I didn’t have any life skills, but I was willing to learn and try something new. I’ve been sober for close to ten months now. I learned to hold myself accountable for my actions and do things for others, not myself. I never thought I could ever be at the point I’m at today and if it wasn’t for RCC, I wouldn’t be forever grateful for Jennifer, Philip, Janet and my best friend, Mario. If it wasn’t for these people, I don’t know where I would be today. I have an amazing relationship with my family that I never had. They welcome me in their house now, and we enjoy spending time together sober. I have my own car, my own place, and I work like a grown man. I learned to be a sober, functioning member of society thanks to this program and I will forever be in debt for that. -Noah

Dominique Shivers

My name is Dominique S., and I am a former resident of Recovery Connections Community. I arrived at the program in October of 2016 and due to my own issues with dishonesty and my unwillingness to change, left the program against staff advice in April of 2017. After a week of living in addiction I returned to the program and stayed until March of 2018. 
Despite not completing the program, I have gained life long tools and coping mechanisms that I can truly say have made me into the SOBER, self sufficient, financially stable wife, mother, daughter, and friend that I am today. 
There were days I wanted to quit and self sabotage. There were times I questioned if I was in the right place. On the brink of exhaustion I would cry myself to sleep wondering how any of this would help me. Then, as sure as night turns into day, either Jennifer or Phillip would express how proud they were of me and how much i had changed. They encouraged me, pushed me to do whats hard, face my demons, never settle for less than I know I deserve, and most of all taught me that I'm not a victim, I'm stronger and more capable than I'll ever know.
People like me, addicts, dont often get the opportunity to start a new life on a solid foundation because of the damage that we cause in the midst of our addiction. Jennifer gave me that opportunity, her only requirement being that I earn it. 
In tears of pure gratitude I write this, knowing without a doubt that they will always be my family, they nurtured me, listened to me, validated and corrected me. And God forbid if I decide to relapse, I know they'll be there with open hearts and arms. 
The work that Jennifer and Phillip do isnt done by many, and its understood by fewer than that. From the bottom of my heart I thank RCC for giving me my life back. I am forever indebted.